Privacy Policy


Data We Collect And Reason For Collecting It

With users’ explicit permission, Senti collects key pieces of data from its users’ devices solely for the purposes of underwriting loan applicants who typically have little or no documented financial history. The data that we analyze includes but is not limited to

  • Merchant Transactions
  • App Usage
  • Texts and Calls
  • Contact List
  • Personal Identifiers

Senti uses data from your phone, including your contact details and financial transaction messages that help us make lending decisions.
These datapoints are a crucial part of our decision making process, and allow us to provide seamless and efficient financial services.
We do not use the contact list to contact anyone in regards to the loan that you have taken.
We use data security and encryption techniques to protect the data you share with us. Senti never shares your information with third parties unless it is for business purposes, which is mainly to report defaulted loans to authorized credit bureaus. We do not sell your data or credit profile. We select these data sources for the purposes of understanding a user’s potential financial capacity, his or her behavioral attributes, and to validate his or her identity. We only collect data that we need and will continually evaluate the necessity of collected data classes for such consideration.

We determine the weights of individual data points using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, trained on historic user data. Once a customer has taken a loan with us, his/her repayment behavior is used as the most important factor for future lending decisions.

How Do Users Elect To Share Their Data With Senti?

Senti explicitly requests permissions from users to share their data. Every permission is individually granted using a standardized dialogue under the Terms and Conditions. Senti includes clear additional explanations of what data we are requesting and how it will be used going forward.

Does Senti Share User Data With Third Parties?

Other than required by local law or in the ordinary course of our business and to provide loan products (such as to report to a national credit bureau), Senti does not share personally identifiable information about any individual with any third parties.

How Does Senti Protect User Data?

Senti the Application, will have access to the customer’s precise location (GPS and networkbased), text messages (SMS or MMS, phone status and identity, device ID & call information. Other permissions shall include:

  • receiving data from Internet
  • viewing network connections
  • full network access
  • preventing device from sleeping
  • reading Google service configuration

All user data is maintained in databases that are secured by industry standard security techniques. Access to personally-identifiable information is limited to only those team members that require it for their job. Data is fully encrypted while in transit.

How Is Senti’s Approach Different From Traditional Credit Scoring?

Each person is evaluated according to the same criteria in a fully automated method by our algorithms. Factors such as gender, race, or other discriminatory factors do not impact the score as might be the case if a human were involved in making the lending decisions.

How Does Senti Avoid Discriminatory Practices And Algorithmic Bias?

Senti is committed to fair lending practices that do not discriminate based on gender, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation. We seek to follow guidelines that ensure that we do not build any features based on these data points and consider and mitigate if possible the implicit algorithmic bias that might arise with regards to these categories.


Excluded Feature Categories:

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • National origin
  • Sexual orientation
  • Disability
  • Medical history
  • Political Opinion

Changes to Privacy Policy

Any future changes to this policy will be posted on the Senti Capital Limited website and, where appropriate, notified to you when you log in to the App. or log onto one of the Service Sites. The new terms may be displayed onscreen and you may be required to read and accept them to continue your use of the App or the Services. In any event, by continuing to use the App or any Services after the posting of any changes, you confirm your continuing acceptance of this Policy together with such changes, and your consent to the terms set out therein.