What is SENTI?

SENTI is a micro credit mobile app that allows customers to request for and repay loans straight from their mobile phones.

Where is SENTI located?

SENTI has its offices in Nairobi, Kenya

How do I get the latest version of the app?
You can follow this link and click Update, or you can go to Google Play, search for “SENTI” then click “Update”..
Can I call a SENTI representative?
Yes. You can contact us on 0712517910, and you will be assisted in resolving any issue you might have.
How do I register?

Requirements are simple – all you need to register is a phone number and ID number. Just download the app and key in your details.

What do I do if I have forgotten my pin?

Select forgot option on the login screen.

How do I Reset my pin?

Select forgot pin option on the login screen.

Why is my SIM unsupported?

This error message is seen if SENTI is unable to detect the required SIM in your phone. Kindly remove all other SIM cards from your phone and leave only the Safaricom SIM you want to use and then log back into SENTI. You should be able to add your number and proceed to validate it.

How do I pay back my loan?

You can pay your loan by clicking on the ‘Pay ****’ loan on the SENTI app or through the Paybill number 517910. Account number is your phone number starting with 2547********.

Can I change my details after submitting them?

Unfortunately, not. We conform to the highest standards of data integrity, hence you cannot change information that was previously submitted. Always ensure you provide correct information at sign up.

How do I qualify for SENTI Loan?
  • You have to be an active Safaricom subscriber for at least 6 months
  • Must have a credit history as per the predefined criteria, and must borrow within the displayed limit on the application.
How does SENTI make a lending decision?

SENTI uses data from your phone, including your handset details, financial transaction messages and mpesa statements to make lending decisions. This combined with your SENTI repayment history builds an individualized credit score, which determines the loan offers you receive.

How long does the application process take?

We aim to process all loans within 24 hours. On average we process loans in less than 3 hours and hope to reduce that to a few minutes.

If I request for a loan of Ksh. 1,500 how much will I receive?

You will receive the borrowed amount less the interest which is recovered upfront depedning on the loan duration chosen

How much will I need to pay back?

You will receive the borrowed amount less the interest which is recovered upfront depending on the loan duration chosen

What is the minimum amount I can borrow?

The minimum amount you can borrow is Ksh.1500 and the maximum amount is dependent on your credit limit. Credit limit is the maximum amount of loan you qualify for based on how much you borrow through your account and how you repay.

Why is a loan declined?

A SENTI Loan will be declined if;

  • You borrow above your credit limit,
  • You have an existing loan with SENTI
  • You are currently or previously been listed with Credit Reference Bureau for a defaulted loan with any institution.
  • You currently don’t meet the full requirements
  • SENTI has the right to decline a loan at its own discretion.
What is Credit Reference Bureau?

This is a source of credit history information of a customer. They securely collect, store and maintain information about your credit history.
Credit reference agencies can share your credit report with you at your request.

How do I Know how much I can borrow?

You can check your credit limit on the SENTI App.